Rubrics Low Pop White Camel Suede


The Redletter Rubrics Sneakers are handmade, which makes them very light and durable. With textures on the inside to keep you comfortable, an insole and outsole with internal air pockets for smooth steps and comfort during the day, and a highly durable, lightweight Italian rubber outsole. 
You won't want to take them off!

* All our shoes are European sizes

  • versatile

    His style goes with everything.

  • cozies

    Interior textures to pamper your feet.

  • Durable

    Vegan leather, prefabricated by hand by craftsmen with tradition.

  • Comfortable

    Adjustable anatomical last and insole, improves foot alignment. With a breathable insole that adapts to your footprint and improves posture.

  • light

    Italian ultralight rubber sole. Cushioning and absorption of impacts in contact with the ground.

  • flexible

    Intelligent design and engineering that mimics the natural movement of the foot.

Special cleaning care

Suede: If they get dirty, let the stain dry and then gently rub it with a microfiber cloth.

Skin: For cleaning, moisten a cloth and gently rub the dirty area.

Recommendation: Apply a suede protector to the footwear before using it.

Cleaning: Clean only with a cloth dampened with water. Do not wash in a washing machine and/or dryer as it can alter the properties of the different

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